Group Name: Heliopsis Theatre Co.

Title: 600 Seconds

Playwright: Elijah Bell


Type of Play: Absurdist Dark Comedy

Duration: 45 min

Date of Play: Fri, June 7


Synopsis: The Emcee, an extradimensional being and creator of the world, welcomes the audience in with a simple message: My World will end in 10 minutes – let’s watch its final moments. We are then shown Mark, an awkward 20 something trying to figure himself out in the world – and dealing with an awkward love triangle and the Emcee all the while.

Role Name
The Emcee Katie Van Bergeyk
Mark Tyler-Dale Moon
Riley Gracie VanThuyne
Kris Indie Garrett
The Voice Mireille Fynes
Writer and Director Elijah Bell
Stage Manager Danny Tepper


Thanks to the many people who helped this piece get where it is, but specifically:

RJ Peters – without who I would have none of the technical knowledge required to put together a show like this

Christopher Weddell – my dramaturge on the original draft of this show in 2023

And my wonderful arts community who gave so much to help this show land on it’s feet.

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