VOAPF 2024

Group Name: Trueluv Theatre

Title: The Laundromat

Playwright: Timothy Cameron


Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: 25 minutes

Date of Play: Fri June 7


Synopsis: Two queer men have a chance encounter at a Laundromat. Despite being opposites, they discover they share a common world view in this hilarious night of shenanigans.

Warnings: Depictions of Violence, Swearing, Crude humour, and Existential Crisis


Role Name
Blake Daniel Tepper
Alex Cameron Gilmour
Writer/Director Timothy Cameron
Co-Director Katie Van Bergeyk
Stage Manager Gracie Vanthuyne
Set Designer/Costume Designer Indie Garret
Lighting Designer Elijah Bell

Thank you so much to my incredible Cast and Crew, all of my mentors at CCPA and beyond, and the never ending support of all of my family!