Group Name: Pithy Productions

Title: FREE to a Good Home

Playwright: Matthew Gordon


Type of Play: Drama/Comedy

Duration: 25 min

Date of Play: Thur June 6


Synopsis: Brie is blindfolded. It’s not ideal, because Brie is searching for a home. A good home. A kind home. Or at least they’re hoping for one to find them. It turns out that even if you advertise yourself as “FREE to a good home”, not many people are prepared to carry a whole person alongside their shopping. They don’t make totes big enough for that. Cam is much the same. At first amused by the blindfolded stranger, they grow to fear their similarities, find comfort in companionship, and learn a thing or two about the weight of a human’s heart.

Role Name
Playwright/Director Matthew Gordon
Stage Manager Azura Idu
Co-Set and Costume Designer Lilian Doucet
Co-Set and Costume Designer  Analiese Lohr
Brie Makayla Madill
Cam J Johnson


Special thanks to the Gay Writes writing workshop for the support and to Link Bechtold for the beautiful poster.

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