VOAPF 2024

Group Name: Bragi Theatre

Title: Consider the Dongfish

Playwright: Annie Konstantinov & Nicholas Guerreiro


Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: 30 mins

Date of Play: Thur June 6


Synopsis: Sex-changing fish. Scientists in love. Aliens that want to destroy planet Earth. CONSIDER THE DONGFISH is a set of nested love stories that span the breadth of the universe. Using puppets, costumes, videos, and more, this joyful romp explores love in all of its many, many, MANY forms.

Role Name
Co-creator & Performer Nicholas Guerreiro
Co-creator & Performer Annie Konstantinov
Costume Designer Annie Konstantinov
Prop Designer Erik Pagan
Set Designer Charles Procure
Sound Designer  Nicholas Atkinson
Papier-Mache Artist Jadyn Godfrey