VOAPF 2024

Group Name: On Air

Title: How to be Alone

Playwright: Jacob LaRocque-Wall

Type of Play: Punk Rock Opera

Duration: ~22min

Date of Play: Wed, June 5

Synopsis: “How to be Alone”, is a self-portrait of an inventive young artist. Featuring punk music and poetry, this is the tale of a man on a quest for knowledge… or something. Explore abstract philosophical concepts in an entertaining context. W/ Jacob La Rocque-Wall as writer and main character, this has potential to be very exciting.

Role Name
Everything  Jacob LaRocque-Wall
Staging Consultant Misty Cozak


Thanks go out to Rene Descartes, Baruch Spinoza and all who offered help and respect to me. Actually, thanks also to my enemies.  

Thanks go out as well to all the One Act Play Festival’s organisers.