Group Name: timetheft theatre

Title: Scruples


Playwright: Molly Jamin


Type of Play: Dramedy

Duration: 45 min

Date of Play: Sat, June 8th, Evening 


Synopsis: Scruples is a spectacularly blasphemous comedy following 4 teenage girls at a religious summer camp as they plan to steal back items that were confiscated from them. In the pursuit of a promise ring, a steamy love letter and a heretical heirloom the four ‘altar-girls’ at Camp Mercy will enact a heist of biblical proportions. Audiences can expect a healthy dose of sacrilege, teenage hijinks, and an exploration of women’s relationships with organized religion and personal belief.

Warning: Discusses and displays scenes with religious themes, beliefs and practices (Christian Evangelism.) Uses the word rape (in the context of conservative religious beliefs around tampons.) Explicit sexual content discussed and general lewdness displayed.


Role Name
Esther Ella Macdonald
Hana Erin Bess
Maria Alejandra Cruz Miron
Gwen Fi Taylor
Mrs. Clare Helga Woolsey
Playwright Molly Jamin
Director Stevie Welsh
Stage manager Connor Gleeson
Costume Designer Aiden Finn
Assistant Costume Designer Samantha Johnson
Set Designs Emma Brown
Sound & Lighting Designs  Theo Falkiner


Special thank you to Jacob Jamin (graphic design), Artemis Gallegos (language consultant), and to Teri & Jeff Gleeson for rehearsal space

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