VOAPF 2024

Group Name: We’re All Friends Theatre Company

Title: The Tangled Web I’ve Weaved

Playwright: Sarah Shepherd


Type of Play: Drama

Duration: 40 Min

Date of Play: Sat, June 8th Matinee


Synopsis: Pia weaves and waits for her husband, Odysseus, to arrive home. She cannot stop weaving or telling stories, or her suitors will come knocking at her door and force her into the very fate she is weaving her way out of. A loose adaptation of the Odyssey, from the perspective of his wife, in which she ponders the nature of storytelling, gendered power dynamics in relationships, and the resentment she harbours for the men she loves.


Warning: Discussions of misogyny, intimate partner violence, violence towards children, mentions of cannibalism

Role Name
Playwright and Co-Costume Designer  Sarah Shepherd
Director  Karin Saari
Stage Manager  Grace Carmichael
Set Designer and Co-Costume Designer Corina Fischer
Sound Designer  Megan Farrell
Lighting Designer  Zoey Collins
Performer  Syrah Khan
Marketer  Tamra Marie

Thank you to everyone working on the shows and the festival organizers!