VOAPF 2024

Group Name: Gull Cry Dance Theatre

Title: Light as a Feather, Small as a Glove

Playwright: Kristen Lewis


Type of Play: Dance Theatre

Duration: 20 minutes

Date of Play: Sat, June 8th, Matinee


Synopsis: The play exposes the secret life of “Elizabeth,” a character who constellates lost archetypal fragments of the Western psyche, exposing the tragedy and absurd comedy of our genealogical past and the narratives that bind us still today. Play developed via a residency at What Lab in Vancouver, with the Vancouver-based contemporary dance company “Co. Erasga” in April 2023.

Role Name
Director & Performer Kristen Lewis
Performer Eloise Meredith
Casting Director Steven Piazza 
Creative Director Emile Fromet de Rosnay
Cultural  Director David Westcott