VOAPF 2023
Sat Eve

​​Group Name: Double Bind Productions

Title: Double Bind

Playwright: Sarah Delroy

Type of Play: Drama

Duration: 45 minutes

Date of Play: Saturday June 10, Evening show 

Synopsis: Two characters, locked together, find new ground in an impossible fight. A shared history of love and trauma culminates in a final showdown that will change them both forever.

Name Role
Sarah Delroy Writer & Director
Christopher Stewart Lighting & Sound Design
Sarah Shepard Costume & Set Design
Meera Matthew Person1
Zahura Ahmed Person2


A piece of community theatre takes a village, and this one is no exception! Many thanks to the Victoria Once Act Festival organizers Kurt and Kendra, the big-hearted folks at Theatre SKAM-especially Emily, ALL of the gofundme sponsors who generously helped raise money for our budget, Zahura Ahmed (we love you), the folks at Human Nature Counselling, Pedro Pascal, The Belfry Theatre for hosting the festival and being so supportive and kind, and finally all of you who came tonight to take a chance on new and developing work, allowing the cast and crew of Double Bind a chance to practice and hone their craft.
Sarah Delroy