VOAPF 2023
Sat Eve

Group Name: Handmade Ivy Stage and Screen

Title: Ducks 

Playwright: David Ellis Heyman

Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: 30 Minutes

Date of Play: June 10, Evening Show 

Synopsis: A slick political communications professional about to leave for the job of a lifetime has thirty minutes to retrieve and destroy every copy of an invitation inadvertently sent out in his name that will destroy his career if the media or opposition groups find out.

Name Role
David Ellis Heyman Playwright
Jason Vikse Director
Sarah Heyman Stage Manager
Lorene Cammiade Character: Pam
Pam Miller Character: Grace
Jerry Callaghan Character: Mitch 
Maya Kara Character: Kaylee

Finn Archinuk               Sound Design


This performance of Ducks is dedicated to the memory of Rob Macklem.


“Thank you to my wife Sarah for her love and inspiration, and for her support of my creative endeavours.” -David Heyman

We’d like to thank Canadian Tire Hillside for giving us balloon bouquets for dress rehearsal and the show for free.