VOAPF 2023
Sat Eve

Group Name: Patty and Emily 

Title: Pocket Bong

Playwright: Patricia Masur

Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: 17 Minutes 

Date of Play: Saturday June 10, Evening show 

Synopsis: After an inexplicable occurrence at the local river, authorities begin a series of interrogations of those closest to the scene. Here we meet R, a beloved but reclusive single father, whose knowledge of the event is shrouded by diversions and long-winded stories. POCKET BONG follows the interrogation, offering a comedic exploration of R, his love for his kids and the river. 

Name Role
Patricia Masur Playwright/ Character: Rick
Emily Woods Director 
I would like to thank my Dad for teaching me everything worth knowing, sharing his love for storytelling with me, and of course for inspiring this silly little play.
Thank you Emily, for helping me find R’s voice and spending your spare time making this happen.
My pals: thank you for coming to watch this!