Group Name: Ballenworks

Title: Litigation Racket

Playwright: William “Bill” Allen

Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: Approx. 40 Min

Date of Play: Sat, June 8th, EveningĀ 

Synopsis: Court is now in session!

Litigation Racket follows the proceedings of a marriage dispute that should probably be taken more seriously than the circumstances, and denizens of this courtroom, will allow. This thrill ride of a mock trial contains twists and turns, the likes of which will uproot relationships, detonate emotions, and challenge the very concept of order as everyone present attempts to navigate this silly little thing called life.

Role Name
Writer / Director William “Bill” Allen
Stage Manager Megan Farrell
Set Designer Claudia Fraser
Costume Designer Lilian Doucet
Assistant Costume Designer Analiese Lohr
Lighting Designer Syrah Khan
Sound Designer Jack Storwick
Fight Choreographer Jack Storwick
The Judge Jenny Robinson
The Prosecutor Sam Frew
The Attorney Carter Lapham
The Bailiff Eric Barnes
The LoverĀ  Jack Storwick
The Partner Sierra Alexander


Thank you

Emilie Shjarback, Aiden Finn, Jaeden Walton, Spencer McCairns, Annie Lucas, Rodel Frazer, Grace Fouracre, Avery Przyswitt, Scott Allen, Alynne Sinnema, Brigit Stewart, Zoey Stienstra

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