VOAPF 2023
Sat aft

Group Name: The Garden

Title: Synesthesia: Descent Into Action

Playwright: Jacob La Rocque-Wall, Igo Campbell

Type of Play: Experimental Punk Rock Opera

Duration: 30 MinutesĀ 

Date of Play: Saturday Afternoon, June 10

Synopsis: Cube-Head, Sphere-Head & Square-Based-Pyramid-Head are international graffiti celebrities. Their tag, “ACTION & STASIS” is plastered throughout Spacetime. Their tour, “Synesthesia” is in full swing and it’s gaining momentum… unsustainably. Internal conflict, drug-fuelled mania & rapidly declining health run rampant among the band, but their shows are sold out and nearly everyone is a fan.

Meanwhile, a zine is floatin’ around featuring Fred Taylor, a small town electronics repairman whose life is about to be shaken up. Will this godforsaken tour ever end? Where has this Chaos come from? What even is Synesthesia?


Name Role
Jacob La Rocque-Wall Sphere-Head/ Creative Director/playwright
Igo Campbell Square-Based-Pyramid-Head/co-Producer/playwright
Flora Wells Choreographer/Reason
Keelin Balla Rhyme
Zuber Singh Stairs-Head
Beanie Cannataro Costume Design


Thanks to the viewers, the hopers, and to the next steps. And thanks to those who have supported us!