VOAPF 2023
Sat aft

Group Name: Bockman Theatrics 

Title: Abandoned

Playwright: Brianna Bock 

Type of Play: Drama

Duration: 35 Minutes

Date of Play: Saturday June 10, Afternoon 

Synopsis: In order to make some extra cash, three friends, Aleksandr, Misha, and Pytor head up to an abandoned nuclear lighthouse in the remote arctic seas to scavenge the nuclear generator that once powered it for scrap. However, when their friend with the boat goes missing, all three men have to grapple with the possibility that they may be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Content warnings:
  • flashing lights
  • simulated fighting
  • swearing
Name Role
Brianna Bock Playwright
Kevin Eastman Director
Ryan Kniel Sound Design:
Brianna De Jong and Jadyn McGregor Lighting Designers 
Taylor Guidotti Stage Manager 
Corina Fischer Set Designer
Sarah Shepherd Costume Designer 
Eric Barnes Cast: Misha
Sarah Shepherd Cast: Pytor
Rodel Frazer Cast: Aleksandr

Thank you to family and friends for their support!