VOAPF 2023

Group Name: We’re All Friends Theatre Co

Title: Tadpole

Playwright: Jasper Mallette

Type of Play: Comedy

Duration: 20 Minutes

Date of Play: Friday June 9 

Synopsis: Seeking gender euphoria during sex, Attie (a trans man) and his partner Opal (a cis woman) purchase a strap-on. Unfortunately, they got the measurements wrong… After a comedic series of trial and error, Attie and Opal finally manage to successfully have sex. Tadpole explores themes of trans identity, and masculinity through a trans lens as Attie struggles with “manhood” and what that means to both him and Opal. Tadpole also explores queer sex and intimacy, and how awkward and hilarious it can be.

Name Role
Jasper Mallette  Playwright
J Johnson Assistant Director
Natasha Chew Director/Dramaturge
Connor Runnings


Stage Manager

Assist Stage Manager

Elena Stalwick Production Manager
Ken Matthews Set/Props
Nadia Myroon Lighting Design 
Hannah Farquhar Stagehand
Sarah Shepherd Costumes
Sophie de Kergommeaux Sound Design & Stagehand
Megan Wong Intimacy Director
Akari van den Driesen Choreographer 
Erika Dyer Assistant to Set / Props & Stagehand
Emily Schuler Set / Props Design
Molly Hughes Graphics Design / Social Media
Daria Bester Marketing / Social Media
Bryn Willis Character: Attie/Atticus (he/him) (trans man)
Sophie Taylor


Braeyln Cooper

Character: Opal (She/Her) (Cis Woman)

Mental Health Safety Person

Thank You’s from Tadpole:
Kevin Kerr
UVIC Fine Arts Writing Dept.
Ellery Lamm
Aurora Zaworonok
Galadriel Jolly
Principal Intimacy Professionals