VOAPF 2023

Group Name: Bragi Theatre

Title: Bedsprings

Playwright: Nicholas Guerreiro

Type of Play: Comedy/Drama

Duration: 50 Minutes

Date of play: Friday June 9 

Synopsis: Ruby and Ted have decided to stay “pure” until marriage. One evening, to stop their secular friends from teasing them, they decide to fake having sex, down to the creaking of the bedsprings. The performance is a flop, but the resulting whirlwind of emotions sends Ted and Ruby spiraling away from each other and the church. Will they be able to rebuild their relationship? Can they salvage the trust they had before their secrets were revealed? And will they ever actually “do it” for real? Bedsprings is a funny, tender, and thoughtful examination of God, sex, and pineapples.

Name Role
Nicholas Guerreiro Playwright/Producer
Annie Konstantinova & Nicholas Guerreiro Co-Directors
Christopher Stewart Designer
Megan Wong Intimacy Director (Courtesy of Principal Intimacy Professionals)
Julie McGuire Character: Ruby
Ryan Kniel Character: Ted

Special thanks to Principal Intimacy Professionals.