VOAPF 2023

Group Name: Between Words Theatre 

Title: The Great Shift 

Playwright: Kurt Archer

Type of Play: Speculative Fiction / Dance / Drama

Duration of Play: 60 Minutes

Date of Play: June 8

Synopsis: Artificial Intelligence can help us become anyone or anything we want, but at what cost? Owynn lived an isolated life, and Soha grew up as a climate refugee on the other side of the world. A chance meeting at a conference unravels the truth about the future of A.I. and the very bond that connects us as human beings.

Thank you: Niraj Chag for permission to use the song Nritya, Caroline Russell-King, Sean Anderson of Morpheus Theatre, the original cast and crew of the 2020 attempt that never made it to stage, Eleanor Kschischang, and the staff of the VEC, Allison Roberts and RJ of CCPA, Logan Swain of Theatre SKAM, and all of the inspiring people I’ve met along the way that helped shape this story.

Name Role 
Kurt Archer Director
Hilary Ho Assistant Director 
Tess Wiens Stage Manager / Lighting / Sound
Alejandra Cruz Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah Everest Choreographer 
Khushi Harmilapi Soha
Sammy Forest Owynn
Emily Duke Vi / Diya
Aditya Sharma Tabla Player
Kendra Epp Hair Stylist
Poster by Modernteta.png