VOAPF 2023

Group Name: Timetheft Theatre Company

Title: Of Theseus

Playwright: El Newell

Type of Play: Drama

Duration: 30 Minutes

Date of Play: Thursday June 8 

Synopsis: Of Theseus is a drama inspired by the philosophical concept of the Ship of Theseus, in which we are asked to consider: if all the parts of an object are replaced over time is it still the same object? Set in the near future, Of Theseus follows the story of Eve: a girl suffering from a rapid degenerative disease and one of the first patients to have undergone life- saving “Bio Tech”. This breakthrough technology replaces damaged organs with artificial ones but what happens when this technology is used to replace someone’s brain?

Name Role
El Newell Playwright
Syrah Khan Eve
Sam Frew June
Grace Fouracre Grace
Thomas Moore Director
Connor Gleeson Stage Manager
Theo Falkiner Sound Designer
Nadia Myroon Lighting Designer


Thank you to Ella Macdonald (for marketing and promotional material)